How to Use an RSS Feed for Computer or Android Smart Phone to be notified when there are Missionary Letters to read

17 Feb
  1. If you want to be notified of new entries to the church blog here's how can you do that. You can add an RSS FEEDER to your computer browser (I use Chrome but there is a link below if you use Internet Explorer) or to your smart phone.

Setting up an RSS feed for your Computer browser:  When you open your browser the FEEDER will notify you of a new article to read on the blog or when a new Missionary letter is posted. 

There are a few steps to doing this. First you need to install a FEEDER in your browser That will help you browser notify you when there is something new to read. There are several different FEEDERS, depending on your browser.

1. If you use Chrome as your browser I would recommend using RSS Feed Reader. Use Google to search for it. Just type" rss feeder for chrome"  in Google to search. That should take you to the page to Install the FEEDER 

RSS FEED READER  Click on the ADD TO CHROME button to install. That will install an icon that looks like a small orange tornado in your browser's top bar. Click on the tornado and you'll see a "Get Started" button. 

Next you have to "Subscribe" to our website (it's also called Adding a Feed).  The URL you want to use is When you are done make sure you Save if needed. 

That's all you have to do. The next time we add a new blog article or a missionary newsletter, the Orange Tornado on the browser should have a small number next to it in green. That tells you there is something to read. 

2. If you use Internet Explorer for your browser you should read this article  It should help you find a FEEDER and get it installed.

3. For your Android smart phone it works in a similar way but the install and setup is different. Go to the Google Play Store and search for RSS. I chose RSS Widget. Follow the instructions to download and install. On my phone it set up a new Widget. Add the widget to one of your screens. Then you need to add a feed or 'subscribe" to a feed. The URL you want to use is When you are done make sure you Save if needed. 

For more information, here is a helpful article about how an RSS Feed works.

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